Precautions in Office | Fire & Accidents | How to Prevent?

Precautions in Office

The duty and responsibility of office manager is to device or to make adequate proper safety arrangements for the prevention of physical hazards within the office premises. The following precautions may be taken for this purpose.

Precautions in Office

Precautions in Office

1. Fire Precautions in Office

Adequate fire extinguishing equipment should be installed in the modern office. Besides the usage of equipment should be explained to the employees and the employees should be trained on the application of equipment. These equipments are properly inspected at regular intervals to ensure that they are in working conditions.

The telephone operator should be well aware of the procedure to be followed in the event of fire. Adequate exits and emergency gate should be provided in the office building. Escape routes should be free from obstruction. Every body should be familiar with fire prevention and fire fighting procedure in the office. In addition to this the following steps may be taken to prevent fire in the office.

1. Fire exists should be marked.

2. All the worn-out electrical wiring should be duly replaced or repaired.

3. All open coal, electrical and gas files should be avoided.

4. Badly maintained machinery or anything which is likely to be a fire risk should be eliminated.

5. Ash trays should be provided if smoking is allowed in the office.

6. The warnings of, “Live Cigarette butts should not be thrown into the waste paper baskets” should be displayed prominently.

7. Main electrical switches should be put off after working hours and at weekends.

8. Office premises should be kept free from combustible materials like waste paper.

2. Accident Precautions and Prevention in Office

The duty of the office manager is to prevent the outbreak of accidents and minimize physical hazards in the office. He may take the following steps for this purpose.

1. All floors and stair ways should be soundly constructed and properly maintained.

2. Damaged stairs, weak stair rails, torn carpets and linoleum should be repaired or replaced.

3. Floors should not be highly polished and only non-slip polish should be used.

4. Floor openings must be fenced and stairs must have hand rails.

5. Amateurs should not install electrical fittings.

6. Electrical fittings should be installed and periodically repaired by expert electricians.

7. The use of multi-electric adopters should be avoided.

8. Office machines and equipment must be properly installed and serviced at regular intervals.

9. New office equipment should be inspected by the company’s safety officer and maintained proper documents for each equipment separately.

10. All electrically driven machinery should be disconnected from the mains during cleaning.

11. Amateurs should not be allowed to repair electrically driven machines.

12. Office staff should be properly trained in the safe use and maintenance of machines and equipment.

13. Machines should be properly earthed and ventilated.

14. Chairs, desks, filing cabinets etc. should be free from sharp edges.

15. Wooden furniture should be so made that it does not splinter.

16. Chairs should be well balanced.

17. Heavy weight should be lifted very carefully.

18. Women should not be permitted to lift heavy weight.

19. Filing drawers and doors should not be kept open.

20. The wastepaper basket should be placed where employees will trip over them.

21. Proper ladders should be provided for reaching high shelves.

22. Running within the office premise should be restricted at all times.

23. Trailing telephone wires on the floor should be avoided.

24. Chairs and tables should not be used to reach top or high shelves.

25. There must be a proper illumination on stairs and corridors.

26. Razor blades should not be used to sharpen pencils. Sharpener can be used to sharpen pencils.

27. Over crowding of files, desks etc. should be avoided to prevent the fall of materials.

28. The use of pins to fasten papers should not be permitted.

29. Electric fans should be placed in safe places and unauthorized electric connection should be strictly prohibited.

30. There must be a qualified person to give first aid in every modern office.

According to B.H. Walley,

The office should also have a first aid box with regularly replenished stocks of small and medium bandages, triangular bandages, and adhesive. Plaster, cotton, cotton pads, spirit and ointments and medicines.