District Industries Center in India | Important Functions

District Industries Center in India

The District Industries Center (DIC) Programme was started in 1978 as a centrally sponsored scheme with an object of providing all the services and support to village and small scale enterprises under a single roof for the effective development of small scale industry in the widely dispersed rural areas and small towns of the country.

The main thrust of the DIC Programme is on the development of such industrial units, which can create large employment opportunities in rural and semi-urban areas.

What is a District Industries Center?

A District Industries Center is an institution established at the district level so as to provide them to set up small and village industries there.

Before the setting up of DIC, a prospective entrepreneur has to go to several agencies, many of them far from his district, in order to get the necessary assistance and facilities. This caused considerable delay, waste of time and money.

Now suitable powers have been delegated by several departments of the State Government to the District Industries Center. Thus an entrepreneur can get all the assistance he needs from a single agency itself i.e. DIC.

District Industries Center - Functions
District Industries Center – Functions

Functions of the District Industries Center

1. Survey and Investigation

The District Industries Center conducts survey of the existing traditional and new industries and raw materials and human resources. It makes market forecasts of various products. It also prepares techno-economic feasibility reports so as to give investment advice to the entrepreneurs.

2. Training Courses

The District Industries Center also conducts training courses for the entrepreneurs of small and tiny units. It acts as an intermediary between the entrepreneurs and the small industries service institutes in order to introduce new and improved product lines and quality developed by the latter to the former.

3. Machinery and Equipment

The District Industries Center indicates the locations where from machinery and equipment can be acquired and also arrange for supply of machinery on hire purchase basis.

4. Raw Materials

The District Industries Center obtains the details regarding the materials required by various units and arrange for purchase of the same in bulk. Thereby it enables the small units to get their raw materials at reasonable prices.

5. Arrangements for Loans

It makes the necessary arrangements with Lead Banks and other Financial Institutions in order to provide financial assistance to the entrepreneurs. It also appraises the application and monitors the flow of industrial credit in the district.

6. Marketing

The District Industries Center conducts market surveys and market development programmes. It also organizes marketing outlets, contact with Government procurement agencies and make the entrepreneurs well informed of the market intelligence.

7. Khadi and Village Industries

District Industries Centers gives special attention to the development of khadi and village industries and other cottage industries. It also keeps close contact with the State Khadi Board and organize training programmes for rural artisans.